Aprajita Anand

Rescuing your teenage daughter in Distress

Is your teenage daughter withdrawing from family, academic, or social life?

Let's interrupt this spiral right now before it's too late.

With my help, mothers rescue their daughters in distress and help them secure their futures.

To determine if my services are aligned with your needs, please ask yourself if your daughter has changed in any of the following ways:

  • She used to confide in you. Now she shuns you.
  • She used to sing and dance around the house. Now she snarls, scowls, and snaps at you.
  • She used to engage in real-world activities, from art and baking to music and sports. Now she locks herself in her room with her screens.
  • She used to enjoy school. Now school is dumb, you are dumb, she is dumb, her old friends are dumb, she is bored, and she doesn’t care.
  • She used to be a positive influence in the family. Now she is poisoning the atmosphere for everyone.

If your daughter is suffering from any of these changes, you need to act now.

If you wait, and she withdraws further, the next level of suffering may include the following:

  • She falls under the influence of bad actors who lead her in destructive directions.
  • She abuses herself, or others abuse her.
  • She develops harmful addictions.
  • She begins lying, cheating, and stealing to support her bad habits.
  • She disappears for days at a time.
  • She puts the rest of your family at risk of physical and financial harm.

The problem you face is that a clumsy intervention can increase her withdrawal and defiance.

But with my guidance, you will rescue your daughter, restore her mojo, and secure her future – without triggering her resistance.

PS Who am I?

My clients call me the Teen Whisperer.

They rely on me as a life coach, tutor, and mentor for their daughters.

In the last decade, hundreds of teenagers have transformed their lives under my guidance.

I have a Bachelor's degree from Princeton and a Master's in Public Health from the University of North Carolina.

I work with families under conditions of maximum privacy and confidentiality.

Contact me to learn more and I will be in touch by email to discuss next steps.