Aprajita Anand

Life Coach for Teens and Young Adults in Distress

Do you have a daughter in distress or a son who has stalled?

These common scenarios benefit from a third-voice intervention.


Is she withdrawing from family, academic, or social life?

Has she changed in any of these ways:

  • Once confided in you. Now shuns you.
  • Sang and danced around the house. Now snarls, scowls, and snaps at you.
  • Engaged in real-world activities. Now locks herself in her room with her screens.
  • Enjoyed school. Now school is dumb, her friends are dumb, she is bored, and she doesn’t care.
  • Was a positive influence in the family. Now poisons the atmosphere for everyone.

Let's interrupt this spiral right now before it's too late.

If you wait, her next level of suffering may include:

  • Falling under the influence of bad actors who lead her in destructive directions
  • Abusing herself or being abused
  • Developing harmful addictions
  • Putting other family members at risk of physical and financial harm

A clumsy intervention can increase her withdrawal and defiance.

With my guidance, you will restore your daughter’s mojo and secure her future – without triggering her resistance.


Is your son massively underperforming his potential at school, at work, or socially?

Has he changed in these ways:

  • Was active. Now a sloth.
  • Loved learning new skills. Now kills people online for fun (aka “gaming”).
  • Never spent money. Now a high roller with a Draft Kings account.
  • Drank too much soda. Now it’s hard liquor.
  • Asked for your advice. Now it's radio silence. Except when he needs money.

Let's jumpstart his battery and get him back on track.

If you wait and he continues to stall, he may fail to launch:

  • Spending all day in bed
  • Racking up credit card debt
  • Drinking until he blacks out
  • Dropping out or getting fired
  • Spiraling into depression

He needs an infusion of the right kind of energy.

The problem is that parental interventions come across as interference.

With my guidance, you will reset your son’s trajectory and secure his future – without poisoning your relationship.

PS Who am I?

My clients call me the Teen Whisperer.

They rely on me as a life coach, tutor, and mentor for their daughters in distress and sons who have stalled.

In the last decade, hundreds of teenagers have transformed their lives under my guidance.

I work with families under conditions of maximum privacy and confidentiality.

Contact me to learn more and I will be in touch by email.

  • Education
    • Princeton University, Bachelor of Arts
    • UNC Chapel Hill, Master's in Public Health